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What’s Holding You Back?

Tired of seeing that 600-pound project on your to-do list? Let’s cross it off together.


You Can’t Do It All

Putting the big goals off to “someday” stunts your company’s potential for growth, but there are only so many hours in a day. If you’re not calling for reinforcements, you could be jeopardizing your success. You can count on Mon Services to:

  • Listen to and address your needs.
  • Offer a breadth and depth of expertise.
  • Take work off your plate while keeping you in the loop.

Time Is Short and the To-do List Is Long

Your IT staff (if you even have one) is overburdened. The day-to-day responsibilities go way beyond 9 to 5. So when a new initiative comes along, like migrating to Office 365 or setting up the phone system at your new location, your staff can’t help but run behind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a proven pit crew to help you zoom out ahead?


Help for Business IT Projects

Why let another day go by without making real progress? We’ve helped dozens of other businesses with tech transformations.

Are you putting off projects like these?

  • Cloud Migrations from on-premise infrastructure
  • Migrating to Microsoft 365 cloud services for Email and Collaboration
  • Network infrastructure \ Wireless Access updates
  • Remote Workforce Virtual \ Cloud Desktops
  • Physical PC Upgrades
  • Security Services rollout such as 2FA/MFA and EDR protection
  • 3rd Party Line-of-Business application implementation
  • Switching to VoIP phones
  • Backup and/or Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions
  • Office Moves\ Build-outs \ Network Cabling
  • HIPAA /HiTrust and other Compliance Remediation

You’re Ready Already!

At Mon Info services Ltd, we want you to succeed, not be frustrated by missed opportunities. Handing business IT projects over to us should give you a sense of relief and excitement about what’s possible for your organization. Why wait to flourish?

Tell us about your project and together we’ll decide if our team is the right one to take it on. You don’t need to sign any long-term contract. In fact, trusting Internos with a one-off project is a great way to see what we’re made of. That’s how we came to work with many of our long-term clients: We started with an IT project, then were chosen to provide managed IT services after the project was complete. (We consider this a great compliment, since it means they are happy with our work and team).  

With every client, our goal is always to improve productivity, profitability and security. Business IT projects can be very challenging; but the results are worth going all in.

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